“There’s Nothing I Can Give You, You’re Maxed Out”

I had major surgery a few years ago. I was at one of the “top hospitals” in NYC. I didn’t tell anyone I was a nurse, except my surgeon as we had developed a relationship after months of back and forth. I had minor surgeries before, but nothing prepared me for the pain I felt waking up from this one. The day nurse was a literal angel. She helped me so much and I kept apologizing because I didn’t want to be that annoying needy patient and she reassured me. She called the doctor and told him the pain meds I had wasn’t enough. She just did everything I would’ve done. The night nurse can, excuse me, eat a bag of dicks. After an hour or so the pain became unbearable again and I pressed the call bell and she just had an attitude (I get it we all have good and bad days), but she was so judgmental and was like “there’s nothing I can give, you’re maxed out.” Which is funny, because I saw there were orders for Tylenol and other things I hadn’t even taken yet. Yeah, I’m not sure how much Tylenol would help, but she didn’t even try, basically told me to deal with it and left. I made sure to wait an hour and again asked for something and she said “still too soon.” Literally had major surgery just 12 hours earlier. Okay, didn’t realize this nurse was in charge of detoxing me from my one dose of morphine 🙃 I asked for something to help sleep at least like a Benadryl and she said yeah there’s nothing. Ma’am, call the resident. I still hate her.

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