Shadows walking out of patient rooms

I work at an LTACH that’s been around roughly 100 years. It started out at a tuberculosis hospital and the oldest parts of the hospital are connected to the original building. I got floated to an older part of the hospital one evening. I was on my way to a patient’s room pushing my WOW and a vitals cart when I looked up and saw someone ducking into the patient’s room. I figured it was the PCT which was perfect because I needed to get my patient to bed. I walk into the room (whose door was partially closed) and see that it’s just my patient in the room already in bed watching TV. I should probably point out that this patient was a new double amputee and wasn’t walking around on his own. I had heard stories of shadows in the older parts of the buildings before. Especially since we have two brain injury units there that have the CCTV in patient rooms. They constantly see shadows walking around patient rooms or doors opening. But actually seeing something that weird left me a little shook working on those units now…

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