Old Psychiatric Hospital

When I was in undergrad, I worked at a very old psychiatric hospital in Lexington Kentucky. There were all of these old tunnels connecting the buildings that you could use to transport patients in inclement weather. Even though the tunnels that were being used have been renovated, there were still all of these old tunnels that they would take you in during orientation and you could sign up to take tours of more of the tunnels if you works there. Some of the old tunnels that weren’t used anymore we’re basically dungeons were psychiatric patients used to be chained to the walls. So I had quite a few weird experience is working night shift there but one night in particular, I was taking the laundry cart down to be dropped off, And you had to go into the basement through the old tunnels to get to the laundry room. It was probably about 3 o’clock in the morning and as soon as I got off the elevator with the laundry cart and started walking on the hall I could hear footsteps following me. Of course I turn around don’t see anything and just keep walking. But the footsteps kept following me and were getting louder and louder. I finally got to the laundry room and had to use a key to unlock the door but of course couldn’t get the door unlocked fast enough. After struggling to get the door open, I throw the laundry cart, close the door, and legit ran back to the unit as fast as I could. I could feel something breathing up against my neck as I was running back and once I got back to the unit I told him I was never taking laundry down during night shift again. While I was working there they started repaving the parking lot and found almost 30 bodies that were buried in a very small area that had been paved over. There were bodies of patients buried all over the property. I don’t know how I survived working there for a year with all the creepy shit that happened.

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