I Gave 100u Instead

The order was for 10u of humilin insulin subq in the ED. I gave 100u instead. I realized right away and went cold. Called a nurse to stay with patient, told Dr right away then Charge then back to pt and explained what happened to him. Told him I would be happy to replace myself with another nurse if he felt he couldn’t trust me. Dr ordered q30 min BG checks and since he was hyperglycemic already it went from like 450 to 420 to 410 to 390. The doc told me I did the right thing afterwards and there’s not much I can screw up that he can’t fix. I had everyone’s support because I did the exact right thing afterwards. The thought crossed my mind for a split second to not say anything but of course I did. If you make a mistake, do the right thing afterwards. Everyone makes mistakes. Honesty is a choice

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