Thanks for making my 12+ hour shift worth it by Linda Chu

It was a Saturday morning, I got called into work for the day due to some emergency surgeries that couldn't wait till after the holiday weekend. It was my second case of the day. 

You were anxiously waiting on your gurney for me and the rest of the operating team to arrive. This was your first surgery and you were quite nervous. So I took my time to understand your concerns and explained to you exactly what to expect in the operating room. I made small talk with you on the way to the room and talked to you until you went off to sleep.

Surgery went just as planned. We finished and took you over to the recovery room. You opened your eyes and right as soon as you saw me, the first thing you did was thank me. You said that surgery was exactly how I described it and that I was the best. And then went on to repeat this about five more times in the next two minutes. 

I laughed it off at first, but soon came to realize how the couple of extra minutes I had taken had made such a positive impact on you. Looking back on it now, I am the grateful one. Thank you for making my 12+ hour day worth it today and everyday.


About Author : OR Nurse, @lalalinddaaa