Labor and delivery Nursing at its best by Tiffany Lorenzana

I start my shift and the charge nurse tells me to take room 10 because she's spanish speaking. I get report and am told she lost a baby six days after birth due to many congenital anomalies one year ago. The patient doesn't believe in abortion and carried her baby to term but the baby had too many anomalies to stay alive. She was back for baby #2. I enter the room and everyone turns silent. I somewhat recognize the patient but then her husband and sister give me a look. I recognize the husband. Then I realize I delivered the baby she lost one year ago. She was back this time for a baby boy which had no issues. The patient sees me and begins to tear. I ask if her if she wants me to be her nurse this time. I tell her I will understand if she doesn't because it's difficult. She told me in Spanish that she couldn't go through this experience again without me. And she wants me to remain her nurse. I said sure. I excused myself and cried outside the room because the way she said it was so heart felt. A few hours later we pushed and had a healthy baby boy. Which we placed upon her chest for skin to skin. I took the towel dried him off and then showed her his body. I said look at him he's yours and he's normal. Everything is okay. She kept crying and crying. "My baby. My baby." Everyone in that room cried. The attending, the resident, the family, the baby nurse and myself. It was the most amazing experience for me and was the epitome of labor and delivery nursing at its best.

Tiffany Lorenzana BSN, RNC-OB, C-EFM